thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you to all of my friends and family for your overwhelming love and support during such a heart wrenching and difficult time in our lives.  Without all of your positive thoughts and prayers and encouraging emails, we would never have been able to stay so strong.  The power of love and family is absolutely incredible!!

A special thank you to my parents.  You both make everything I do possible!  Brianna, Katie and Thomas are so blessed to have two grandparents who love them and support them so much.  You are such a tremendous part of who they are and for that, I am so lucky and so thankful!  Your help during Thomas' initial diagnosis, the ongoing doctors appointments and ultimately surgery was so amazing.  You kept me so strong!!  You are the foundation of who I am as a Mother and there are no words that would ever be able to describe how that makes me feel.  I LOVE YOU!

THANK YOU to my girls, Brianna and Katie!!  You are so amazing, so understanding and so loving to your little baby brother.  You are my best friends and have really made the ultimate sacrifice this entire summer, without a complaint about being shuffled here and there, all so Mommy could take Thomas to this doctor and that appointment.  I love you  with all of my heart and am so, so proud of you both!  You are truly incredible and I am so proud to call you my daughters!  And I am confident that Thomas is proud to call you his big sisters.

Another HUGE and special thank you to Laura.  My best friend, my "sister", my saving grace.  I love you so much and cannot even begin to explain how your love for my children makes a difference in their lives.  You are my support system!  When I need a hand or a shoulder to lean on, I do not have to even are already there.  You never think twice and you never ask for anything in return, no matter what your personal are the most incredible and giving individual that I am blessed and lucky to know.  Brianna and Katie love you as if you are their mother and I am confident that Thomas will as well.  You are our angel!

Thank you to the incredible staff at CHOP!!  Our PICU nurses Kate, Jen and Michelle...the care that you gave Thomas was so amazing.  Your love and honesty and hands-on care, 24 hours a day, was so outstanding.  I value your passion and your honesty and the complete dedication to your work.  It is because of  you that we were able to stay strong and stay rested, in order to be there for Thomas.  You are truly phenomenal!

Last, but certainly NOT least....THANK YOU to Dr. Sutton, Dr. DeLuna and the entire neurosurgery and anesthesia team for taking such great care of my baby!!  Surgery is so scary, especially for a parent who has to "hand over" their child to complete strangers and trust that the care they will be given is the best ever!  You handled Thomas' surgery with such precision and such love and for that we are forever grateful!

big sisters Brianna & Katie